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Fit4dogsuk's aim is to be a dog owners online education and support platform. Learn through recorded webinars, podcasts and ebooks that are easily accessible at any time of the day through your computer or phone.

This Platform has been set up to help you and your dog at home and or to complement Canine Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy.

Support for Dog Owners

With new workshops, Information and support added monthly, it gives the chance for you to develop your understanding of how to help your dog going through the rehabilitation process or ways to help if suffering from age-related or genetic health issues like Arthritis, even dietary help and advice for those overweight dogs.

With information on specific injuries like Cruciate Injuries or Hip Dysplasia among many others, we want to arm you with all the information you need to give your dog the quality of life they deserve and the best chance in life.

With Workshops from Canine Behaviour specialists to advice on training your puppy, we can guide you along the way with advice from experts in their field.

You will also have telephone and email support where you are free to ask us any questions request more information about your dog and any problems you are encountering or need advice on.


Webinars by leading pet professionals

Online group support

Facebook Group support you are not alone we are here to HELP


Printable workbooks to help and support you


Recourse to help you

Action Steps

Take action steps to improve your dogs road to recovery

Rehabilitation Directory

Information of Pet professionals that can help in your area.

What is included


  • You will get access to 24hour access to our library

  • Monthly workshops

  • Worksheets

  • Facebook support group

  • Live QandA sessions with Pet Personals


This does not replace the advice from your vet.

The workshops will be bitsize chunks of information to help you understand what the conditions are and in addition to advice from their vets.

Help you build a support team of professions to help your dog.

What can you expect

Help and support with practical tips to make your dogs life less painful and easier for your dog. So simple things like going for a walk and getting back to doggie activities again.


  • Your dog to be in less pain.

  • Your dog to enjoy a full life

  • Your dog to be more comfortable in their movements

  • A happier dog

Who is it for

  • Dog owners who want to know where to start with their dogs road to recovery and improve their dogs mobility due to old age or genitive conditions.

  • Owners who want to see improves in their dogs.

  • Owners who would like to prevent injury

  • Owners to are not sure what help and support is out there.

So if you would like to become a founding member please click below where you will be taken to the payment page and you can sign up!


This is the beginning of something really exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Kirsty Skeates (Founder of fit4dogsuk)

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