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Book An Appointment or Consultation During Covid 19

Fit4dogsuk booking and coming to the cen

Fit4dogsuk Canine Hydrotherapy for dogs Hygiene and Social Distancing Protocols

As we open we will have new guidelines to follow  to make sure you and our staff are safe.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the centre please wait for staff to inform you to come into the building we only have 1 person and their dog in the building at one time. (Please contact us if you need assistance)


the areas will be cleaned and disinfected between clients, Staff will wear gloves and discard of them after each dog.

Dogs collars and Leads

Please remove your dog's collar and lead we will have a slip lead for them to change into. This will be wiped down after each dog.


Payments for appointments need to be made by remote payments when booking, This is can be by Bank transfer or Sum up we will send you a link via text or email.

Only 1 person in the building

We please ask that only 1 person attend the appointment with there dog due to social distancing, we will also be working with reduced staff. (Please contact us if you need assistance)

Social distancing

We will be working with reduced staff to ensure there are fewer people in the building and social distancing can be supported


Please do not arrive early to your appointment we have allowed more time for each appointment to clean before and after each dog enters the building


The amount of the Chlorine in the  dog Swimming pool or Caine Underwater Treadmill will kill the virus, dogs will be washed before and after entering the pool or underwater Treadmill.


Staff will have the necessary PPE equipment depending on the stage of the sessions for each client.

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