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Covid-19 Update

Please see our latest guidance below.

Here at Fit4dogs we have COVID-19 safety practices in place - Ensuring a safe environment for staff & Clients.

Covid 19 Latest Advice

As we come out of the recent government lockdown and restrictions are eased, we are able to now start Hydrotherapy for Non Medical cases. 

We have closely monitored the government advice, as well as advice from our Canine Hydrotherapist governing body and The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ( RCVS ) However, there are the following steps that still need to be implemented to allow us to carry on operating and make sure that your dog is getting the treatment they need whilst making sure that we are taking every possible precaution to restrict the spread of the Corona Virus and protect our staff and clients.

We have the following safety guidance in place.

1: We are now able to carry our Non-medical cases like Fun and Fitness session along with our current medical cases, but wherever possible would still like clients wherever possible to remain outside of the center during your dog's treatment to protect yourselves and our staff.

2: Please arrive at your appointment on time, press the doorbell to alert us that you are at the center, and wait in your vehicle until a member of staff comes to collect your dog. We will use our own leashes which will be sanitized between treatments.

3: Clients will only be allowed to enter the center under strict guidelines to pay, re-book, or should their dog's treatment be affected if they are not present and every precaution must be taken to adhere to Covid 19 center guidelines. This includes the wearing of a face mask and the use of hand sanitizer. Risk assessments have been carried out for your safety and guidelines must be followed at all times.

4: Payments for sessions are preferred to be made online and invoices will be sent out accordingly with a link to pay.

We are taking every possible precaution to try and limit your exposure to the coronavirus, but cannot guarantee that there is no risk when traveling to your appointment.

Please help us continue to stay open and carry out treatment on your pets by following our guidance.

The Fit4dogs Team

Please stay safe

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