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Q & A's

  • Your dog, on a lead!

  • Your dog’s veterinary consent form (if not sent in before)

  • Towels (we have our microfibre ones but extra is good)

  • Suitable clothing for yourself – your dog will want to share some of the experience with you!

  • Dog Robe to travel home in if they have one.

  • Toys – we provide a good selection of dog pool toys, but please feel free to bring along your dog's own toy for them.


If you and your vet have your dog on an alternative vaccination protocol, please let us know. If your dog is not vaccinated you will be asked to sign one of our Fit4dogsuk disclaimers.


We will rinse your dog before and after each swim and you are welcome to bring your own shampoo and we will give them a quick shampoo for you.


Car journeys can be very exciting for your canine! Please ensure you have toileted your dog both before and after the car journey to the hydrotherapy centre. We have a rubbish bin located close to the car parking area for any waste and extra bags available in reception. Please be respectful and pick it up!

Please do not allow your dog to toilet inside the Fit 4 Dogs UK Canine Therapy Centre. We reserve the right to charge a fouling fee should any accidents happen inside the pool as a full shut down must then begin to sanitise it.

Fit 4 Dogs UK have an on-leash policy and no dogs are allowed off lead until otherwise directed by a member of staff. Your dog may be friendly but, not all dogs are comfortable with unfamiliar dogs approaching them, and the road adjacent to the main gate of the centre is extremely busy and fast. Minimise the risks, please keep them on the lead!

Brushing your dog’s coats before reaching the Fit 4 Dogs UK centre would be extremely beneficial for all involved as it helps to remove as many dead/loose hairs as possible and helps to keep our pools clean. Do not worry if you haven’t however, as all dogs will be bathed upon arrival.


Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to swimming and 1 hour after swimming. If your dog is motivated by treats please bring a small mount with you..


At Fit4dogs one of our qualified therapists will look after your dog in the water, whilst you encourage him from the side. If your dog is not comfortable with being handled by others, please ring and have a chat to our team…

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