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Fun Swims

Enjoy a Tea/coffee while your dog has some fun in our 6m x 3m purpose-built canine hydrotherapy swimming pool followed by a shower and if you like shampoo as well.


Single  30 to 40 Minute Session £30.00

10% Discount For Block Bookings

Your dog's happiness and health is important to us.


It is important your dog gets regular exercise like a nice long walk in the park or forest, but this is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

  • Time.

  • The Weather.

  • Dog's Age.

  • Owners Health etc

If any of these reasons affect how your dog exercises, you may want to think about Hydrotherapy exercise for your dog​?

Did you know that 5 minutes of swimming is equivalent to a 5-mile walk?

Single 30 to 40 Minute Session £30.00

10% Discount for Block Bookings

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