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Payment options

Firstly thank you for considering Fit4dogsuk Ltd for your pet's treatment.  We understand it can be a stressful time for you, but please read this section to help you understand the terms and conditions of treatment for your pet as well as costs.

Terms & Conditions Policy

This document details our centre terms and conditions. Some aspects may not be relevant to you and we request that you get in touch with us for further clarification or explanation if required.


All queries relating to the costs of your pet’s treatment should be discussed with a member of our team prior to booking a session with us.

On booking, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to pay for your pet's session via bank transfer. If payment has not been received prior to your appointment, you will receive an automated invoice with an option to pay directly online via a link

Non-insured patients

If you do not have insurance, you are required to pay for the cost of your pet's treatment prior to your session. This cost will be invoiced prior to your appointment and must be paid in advance to confirm your appointment unless a prior arrangement has been made.

 Should payment for your pet's treatment come during a difficult time, we have a range of payment options for you, to make sure they get the treatment they need. Contact us directly and let's see how we can help.

Insured patients

If you have adequate insurance cover which includes alternative therapy like Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Laser etc we offer a direct claim service with certain companies, but not all. In this instance, we will claim the invoices due directly from your insurance provider.

PLEASE NOTE: The initial appointment consultation fee must be paid in advance, but this will then be invoiced to your insurance provider once a direct claim has been agreed and reimbursed to you once received.

Please note that direct claims must be arranged in advance, prior to your appointment.

To take advantage of this, please complete the following steps:

  • Call your veterinary practice and ask if the full clinical history for your dog can be emailed through to us. Your insurance provider will ask for this.

  • Call your insurance provider and give them permission to speak to us.

  • Request a pre-authorisation form and fill in your sections, sign it and then forward it on to us to complete and fax to your insurance provider for processing. Please note that many insurance companies can take seven working days to provide a response to a pre-authorisation request, depending on whom you are insured with.  Therefore please let us have your form as early as possible so that we can start the process.  Please note that we are not always informed directly whether the request has been approved and we, therefore, recommend that you contact your insurance provider prior to attending your appointment.

  • In some circumstances, a pre-authorisation is not available.  In these cases, we will need to speak to your insurance provider and discuss with them to see whether they are likely to cover the condition or not. Note: the insurance provider will not guarantee to pay over the phone, they will just give us the information required to make a decision.

  • You must bring a claim form and a copy of your current insurance schedule with you when you attend for your appointment.

Note:  A direct claim will not be possible should your insurance company not agree to cover, or if upon receipt of the clinical history we have concerns that your insurance provider will not cover the condition.

You are required to sign a Direct Claim Agreement Form for the treatment of your pet.  This form contains a clause that specifies that you are responsible for any of our fees and costs of your pet’s treatment.  If you are insured and we have agreed to do a direct claim for you but there are costs that do not get settled by your insurance provider, you remain responsible for settling those costs directly with us; this includes any ‘own excess’ that your insurance provider may deduct from their payment to us. In signing this consent form you agree to these terms and accept the liability.

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