Plans for a special kind of swimming pool to open in Beverley - but it's not for humans

Fit4dogsuk are in the Hull Live news.. A great article was written by James Campbell.

Poorly pets can soon splash their way to recovery if plans to build a new hydroptherapy centre for dogs is approved.

Fit4Dogs wants to provide the new facility at the Annie Reed industrial complex in Beverley. The centre will have a pool, a dog exercise area and a treadmill which will help the recovery for pets who have had surgery, aid in weight loss and provide education classes.

The business has submitted a planning application to East Riding Councilfor the new centre. In the planning statement, Fit4Dogs says: “Most ordinary people regard taking a dog for a walk as the one and only exercise a dog should have.

“A pool and under treadmill provides addition health benefits, fun and variety in the exercise regimes for dogs.

“Hydrotherapy has been proven to be an effective tool in veterinary physical rehabilitation. Underwater treadmill sessions utilize the natural buoyancy, resistance, pressure and warmth of water to promote strength, endurance, and increased range of motion.

“This is particularly useful with pets with arthritis, neurological issues, recovering from injury, pets needing to lose weight, and pets that just need some good ol' fashioned (underwater!) exercise.”

Fit4Dogs hopes the centre can work with nearby vet surgeries. In the planning statement it says: “The business has the potential to become an effective referral partner with veterinary surgeries and clinics in Beverley and beyond.

“The Hydrotherapy business will provide a valuable service to the community by keeping their dogs healthy which in turns keeps their owners happy.

“Acquaintances will be formed as people bring their dogs for therapy and dog loving community will appreciate the service which aims to aid quicker recovery from operations, ease and strengthen dogs’ immunity by hydrotherapy.

The business says the venture will create jobs with two directors, two full-time staff and a part-time role. During peak periods there may an additional one or two temporary workers to meet given demand.

The services available at the new hydrotherapy centre would include:

  • canine hydrotherapy - warm water canine treatment

  • canine physiotherapy arthritic or injured dogs

  • rehabilitation to dogs after surgery or accident.

  • fitness and weight loss programmes utilising the pool and treadmill

  • canine education classes.

  • fun and Leisure purposes

The application will be considered by East Riding Council’s planning committee in August.

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