7 Reasons to come and try our Self-Service Dog Wash

What is a self-service Dog Wash?

With our Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Tub installed in the New Groom Room at Fit4dogsuk in Beverley, owners now have the opportunity to get their pet clean after dirty or wet walks. Our Self Service Dog wash is what it says it is and allows you to use our facility to wash and dry your dog.

7 Reasons to use our Self-Service Dog Wash

1. Plenty of Space to Work

Fit4dogs have the perfect space for you and your dog. No more cramming yourself and your dog into a small bathroom or shower stall and we have tried to create a stress-free environment, including a separate entrance to the groom room and aromatherapy fragrances to help clients and their dogs relax.

2. No Aching Knees and back

Our Self Service Dog wash offers an elevated dog grooming tub for washing and blow drying, so there is no bending required. It is definitely hard on the knees and back leaning over a bath tub or crouching in the shower to wash your dog.

3. No mess to clean up at home..

If you have ever washed your dog at home you know what I am talking about. The dog shakes before you have towel dried and the bath room walls are covered in water and hair..

Using our Self-Service dog wash means you come home with a clean dog and leave the mess behind.

4. Absorbent towels and professions Dryer.

Use of our professional pet dryer means less time than using a human hair dryer at home and you don't have to worry about clogging up the washing machine with towels covered in dog hair.

5. No more hair clogging up your drains.

Unclogging drains is a dirty job and you may need a plumber, pet hair and fur is dense and more likely to clog your drain.

6. Professional assistance

At Fit4dogsuk Self Service dog washing facilities, we can give you some advice if you need it. We can make up shampoo and conditioner, apron and towel. For an extra cost, Clients using the self-service dog wash can ask for nail clipping as well as shampoo to suite an individual dogs coat type or skin..

7. Perfect for dogs with Anxiety issues or those first times.

If your dog has never been to a groomer, is timid or suffers from anxiety, then we have the room for you, building up exposure to this environment while in the safety of an owner can be beneficial.

You can take it easy in a stress-free environment and build up to a full bath and blow dry over time.

In Summary

Our Self service Dog wash is going to be popular and is the perfect way to save some costs and get "that salon finish" between grooms.

Please feel free to just pop in or for more information and reserve a time on line visit our website HERE.

See you all soon

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