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Best Dog Walking Locations near Beverley, East Yorkshire and their Benefits.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Find out about some of the best dog walking areas near Beverley, East Yorkshire, starring our guest speakers Carmen, owner of Merlin on their favourite walk, and K9 Nation with their amazing app every dog owner should have.

Whilst taking our dogs on their usual everyday walk we tend to take the same route and feel like we need to complete this route for the dog to have experienced their walk. This is where new places can switch up the norm and keep your dog's mind active, as well as your own. New environments encourage a dog to do what they love most… using their sense of smell. A dog has 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to our six million, so imagine how much they can experience when removed from their routine walks. It is an amazing way to mentally (not just physically) tire your dog, especially when in their senior years – learn more - or puppy stages when walking is limited. It is also perfect for building your dog’s confidence.

But how do you know where to start when finding a new walk? K9 Nation has that covered, and so we asked them to explain a little more…


K9 Nation is a free online community to help support and connect dog owners in the UK. You can:

  • Create a profile for you and your dog(s)

  • Find more than 700 dog-friendly walks

  • Get helpful advice from our K9 experts

  • Find new friends and walking buddies

  • Discover dog-friendly products, services & events

  • Coming soon – community benefits & discounts

The idea behind the K9 Nation app was to create the biggest, free, online community of dog owners where people can connect, make friends and, most importantly, get access to information to make life easier.

Hydrotherapist cuddling dog wearing a life jacket, in a pool.
Buddy with Kirsty, Fit4dogsuk

Buddy the cockapoo came into our founder Becky’s life at just 8 weeks old, back in November 2015. Little did she know at the time that Buddy was going to be the inspiration behind K9 Nation.

In 2019 Becky did a 2-month road trip around England and paid East Yorkshire a visit. Not only did she call in to meet Kirsty from Fit4DogsUK to test Buddy’s swimming skills but she also visited the amazing Ship Inn half an hour up the road in Sewerby. Renowned as one of the most dog-friendly pubs around and perfectly positioned for a walk along the beautiful coastline starting at their car park it’s high up on their list of recommendations.

Now, more than ever, we are all looking for ways to connect virtually and the K9 Nation app is a great tool for staying connected with other dog owners.

The app is full of useful information and articles written by experts in their field. This is a part of the K9 Nation effort to pull together everything a dog owner community might need in one easy-to-access location.

There are also over 700 walks listed on the K9 Nation app for people to discover and explore. Like all content within the K9 Nation community, a walk’s rating is driven by reviews from other dog owners so you’re getting an honest look from a dog owner's perspective.

The free app is available now on both Android and iOS devices by clicking here. So, whether you are looking to connect with new friends, share cute pictures and engage socially, or you prefer to set your profile to ‘private’ and simply access the useful information, there’s something for everyone!

Top 5 walks near Beverley

Poodle cross Bichon puppy sat on wooden bench along an old railway track with fields behind her.
Old Railway Line, Molescroft

1. Old Railway Line, Beverley to Market Weighton

This walk offers a mixture of hedgerows, open fields and historic remnants of an old railway. It is a relatively quiet location, with the odd cyclist to be mindful of. To find out all the information you need click here.

2. Little Swiss, Hessle Foreshore

This 48-acre wood is situated in an old chalk quarry and is packed full of wildlife opportunities, pathways, viewpoints at different levels, and areas to explore. Whilst keeping its natural charm, it has developed into a perfect location for families, dog owners,

and those interested in wildlife. Click here

for your very own leaflet.

3. Millington Woods, Pocklington

This location offers 52 acres of woodland, and similar to Little Swiss is packed with wildlife, different experiences such as a working kiln viewing point, and opportunities to explore at different heights and zones. This is a beautiful nature reserve perfect for all. Download leaflet here.

4. Burton Bushes, Beverley Westwood

This wood is partially fenced and deceptively large with many pathways to follow, some less used than others. It is surrounded by open fields with livestock freely roaming – these cows are well respected and not shy of showing whose boss, so it is best to keep your dog on a lead when they are close. To find out more click here.

5. Mappleton Beach, Near Hornsea

At certain times of day, this beach can appear to meet with the sky with its long wide sands. It is favorable for many dog walkers within the area as it is dog friendly all year round. The cliff edge creates a lovely backdrop but is best to avoid when with your dog. For more information click here.

Golden Retriever stood on Mappleton golden sand beach with sea behind him.
Mappleton beach

Interview with Carmen, owner of Merlin about their favourite local walk.

Q. What breed and age is Merlin?

He’s a lurcher and he’s 5.

Q. What type of walks do you mostly go on?

We mainly like to go on beach walks. There’s plenty of space for Merlin to run around, dig holes and have a little swim too.

Q. What is your pick for your favourite local walk?

Fraisthorpe is probably our favourite. It’s a nice wide beach so there’s plenty of room for other dog walkers and families without being on top of each other. We will usually walk down to either Barmston or Skipsea. But we have walked up to Bridlington a couple of times for some fish and chips or sweeties.

Q. What is it about this walk that you enjoy?

While it has gained a lot more popularity recently there is still plenty of space and you can have a good long walk. It’s also great for finding fossils and shark eggs too, so we often have a good look for those on our visits.

Grey and white Lurcher dog stood on rocks covered in seaweed with sea behind him.
Merlin at Fraisthorpe beach

Q. What does your Merlin love most about this walk?

Digging in the sand is one of his favourite things. He doesn’t dig at home, but as soon as he gets onto the sand, he wants to have a good dig. He also loves playing his version of fetch and going for a swim, it’s only in the last couple of years that he has become confident in the water. Before the pandemic and during lower restrictions we used to meet up with my family and their dogs too, so he loves playing chase with them, he’s a lot bigger though so they don’t usually keep up!

Q. Is there anything you would tell other owners to look out for?

The road down to the car park can be a little tricky to maneuver when it is busy on sunny days. The main thing I would always say is to check the tide times! There’s a nice cafe that does some fab Ice cream and cake just up from the car park. Dogs aren’t allowed inside but there’s plenty of seating outside and plenty of water dishes for them to have a drink.

Q. Do you do anything extra on your walks?

Our walks are mainly to tire Merlin and ourselves out and just relax in a surrounding we are all fond of. We are still helping him get more and more confident in the sea and we are still trying to perfect fetch, he prefers to bring it halfway then drop the ball..


Coming across new dog walks in your area, especially during lockdown can benefit you and your dogs in many ways. A new walk can increase your bond, be a good spot for training as your dog will have increased awareness, encourage cognitive thinking and improve mental state.

To find out more about the benefits of a walk and also how canine hydrotherapy can link into new experiences and health benefits for your dog click here.

For information on dog hydrotherapy and the many other services that Fit4dogsuk provides, contact a member of the Fit4dogs team or head over to our website


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