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Donna Wills shares how Canine and Puppy Massage can help your dog.

How are your dogs feeling? Sore, stiff or ok? Are you thinking about massaging your dog at home?

If so, I think you will find this interview with Canine Physiotherapist Donna Wills really helpful as it talks about her DVD, Puppy Massage.

As a Canine Hydrotherapist, I use aquatic massage on a daily bases and it is amazing to see the benefits it gives our dogs.

Some owners might find the thought of massaging your dog at home daunting, so this is an interesting chat with Donna about what you can do at home and enjoy the benefits of massaging your dog for not only your dog but for yourself too.

Why did you decide to create your Puppy Massage DVD?

I just think it's the most brilliant thing on the planet because it's so important to get your dog used massage from an early age and I decided that because my background and in the old days when I started Vet Nursing, people were quite heavy-handed, not in a bad way, but now people are getting too worried to touch their animals and it is so important and so good for you and the animal, so I decided to take the fear out of massage and put a DVD together so it's really really easy to follow step-by-step instruction that shows you exactly what to do..

I would have done a book but I felt that massage is more of a visual thing so I had to do it in that way that people could really take it on and learning in an easy way providing a safe level of massage.

There are 2 types of massage 1 type that you might do on your husband he's been a good boy or something like that, you know it's perfectly safe but it's absolutely fine to do and then there's the massage that you would go to your Massage Therapist for and they would get stuck in, they are two different things and so the DVD is about teaching you how to do the safe massage then you can just really enjoy knowing that you're giving a great massage that's going to release endorphins and get your dog confident with being touched from nose to tail and everything in between and get you feeling really confident.

How does massage help you and your dog?

At the moment in particular most of us are stressed and what's the best way to destress yourself is cuddling your dog or rubbing their head. This is like the next step up from what you probably are already doing because you just can't help it.

Are the benefits of dog massage the same as baby massage?

I had to get this DVD out there because I could just see the benefit of doing the massage with my child and is very similar to the principles of Swedish massage, The bond between Mother and Child or Father and Child form doing massage is huge and it's exactly the same thing for the dog, to feel good and so when you do that you're dog is going to feel good about everything that's associated with that so if you're the one causing that feel good then you're going to get all the benefits and reward that comes with that.

It's not even just puppies that benefit from massage but anyone and their dog especially for owners who have a rescue dog they probably get the most benefits from massage.

I've worked at Batasea Dogs Home and I have to say that there's a lot of interest there because they know why they need it and it was an incredible way of building a bond with the dog as well.

Can you please give an overview of what is in the DVD

  • Its 47 minutes and it's all in sections so you don't have to watch it all in one go

  • Beginning there's all the explanation of how to use your hands

  • How to set the right environments

  • It literally goes from head to tail massage,

  • Everything you could want to know about good safe home massages in there

Learn how to do safe, effective massage on your dog at home. It's good for any age. It’s a visual step by step guided learning.

T.V. vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS, has put his face on the front because he thinks massage is awesome and needed. It has 5-star reviews form the president of the British Veterinary Nursing Association and from Beverly Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today magazine.

Also featured on Crufts Extra and BBC London radio, it is truly loved, so get your copy today! And fellow therapists, contact us to get some copies for your clients too!

This information will help not only now, but for the rest of your dogs life as even when a lockdown is over, your therapist can build on your new-found skill and enhance it.

If you would like to buy a copy you can purchase from Animal Physiotherapy

Watch the full interview


We are still here to help during the lockdown.

Lisa Emerson, Chartered Physiotherapist,


If you would like to know more about Canine Massage in the Yorkshire area, Lisa Emerson from Caninfit Clinic runs Massage day for dog owners at Fit4dogsuk and in the Yorkshire area, these days have always been popular and loved by dogs and their owners.

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