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Meet The Team - Francesca Smith

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Qualified Hydrotherapist, Canine Arthritis Management Advocate

& Trainee Canine Nutritionist


I am one of Fit4dogsuk's Qualified Canine Hydrotherapists and recently gained certification as a Level 1 Canine Arthritis management Advocate, as well currently training as a Canine Nutritionist to help owners through nutritional options to improve our canine clients' health outside the centre. I am passionate about puppy to adult development, and how we as owners can provide the best care during different stages of their life to maintain a healthy lifestyle into adulthood,  and how these stages require different challenges and needs.

Before Fit4dogsuk I was a Pet care Assistant Manager for dogs, cats, small animals and on one occasion a few pet sheep. Prior to this role, I attended the University of Hull where I graduated with honours in Zoology, whilst working as a Volunteer Aquarist for two years at The Deep. At The Deep, I worked with penguins, turtles, sharks, stingrays... various species of fish, but my main duty was caring for the jellyfish, and although they can sting, they're much easier to keep up with than some of the Olympic swimmers we have here at Fit4dogsuk.

At home, I have a Golden retriever called Ralph, at Fit4dogs we say he's like a polar bear because he loves to swim but is quite possibly the most causal swimmer any of us have ever seen. It was bringing Ralph to Fit4dogs that sparked my passion for Hydrotherapy, I wanted to give other dogs and owners the benefits that Hydrotherapy has given me and Ralph. I also have a newly adopted Ragdoll cross called Norah who has a different pace at life spending most her time absailing around the house, with suggestions that we no longer need nice expensive curtains. They also have their own Instagram: Ralphandnorah. 

Throughout my work life I have always strived to provide the best care possible and our clients are no exception. Ralph and Norah are everything to me and so I assure to treat your pets with the same love, care and attention I give my own.

I look forward to meeting you and your best friend, x

Pet Plan Veterinary Awards 2021

Support Staff of the Year - Fran Smith

The support staff of the Year is to showcase those who have gone above and beyond and Fran has certainly met these criteria. In what has been a really challenging year for all staff across the UK, we congratulate Fran on her much-deserved award.

To find out more about how Fit4dogsuk can help your dog, call us on 01482 888509, contact us via our website , message us via our Facebook page or email us on

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