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National Dog Walk Day, improving your dog's health and wellbeing.

22nd of January is National Dog Walk Day

A study last year showed that only 42% of dogs in the UK are walked on a daily basis - this means that millions of dogs are missing out on the benefits of a dog walk every day!!

Golden retriever having a different walk, dog hydrotherapy has more benefits that a walk in the park.
A dog walk can look different for each dog

But for dogs going through rehabilitation, arthritis, or have joint problems, an exercise regime may look very different from how it did before their diagnosis, but daily exercise is still important and still has its benefits:

  • Regular short walks can help maintain strength in the muscles that support the diseased joints

  • The mental stimulation during these walks will prevent boredom, which in turn can actually reduce the pain sensation they experience

  • Walking on different types of surface may help maintain nerve pathways that transmit normal sensations and proprioception, which reduces the risk of tripping and slipping

  • Walks are a good way of allowing you to assess how your dog is moving and how comfortable they seem, from which you can adjust their treatment if needed

  • Adding Hydrotherapy to your dog's routine can have more benefits than taking them for a walk and may cause your dog less discomfort if they are suffering any joint conditions or recovering from injury, as the Buoyancy of the water along with the Hydrostatic pressure can help to relieve pain and increase range of movement whilst exercising.

Keith the Boston Terrier licking his lips in the during his physiotherapy session in the Canine Underwater Treadmill
Keith the Boston Terrier in the Aquatic Treadmill

If you would like to know more about Hydrotherapy and how it can help your dog please contact the Team at Fit4dogsuk.

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