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Should my dog have a Drying Coat After Hydrotherapy?

So I am sure there are a few of you out there that think, my canine has fur, why on earth would they need a Drying Coat? However, in the case of swimming, especially in the colder months, a drying coat is most beneficial after getting wet.

When performing controlled hydrotherapy on your dog, in our Aquatic pool or Treadmill, they are in water that is heated between 28-32 degrees which is like having a warm bath. Your dog is exercised in the warm water which allows the muscles to relax and eases any pain in the joints, which will, in turn, increase the range of movement in the joints and muscles.

If the joints and muscles are allowed to get cold after swimming or hydrotherapy, this will limit the movement and pain may return and the benefits of hydrotherapy may be reduced. It's important that we keep your doggie warm after hydro so that they do not seize up.

Using a drying fleece/coat after the session helps keep them warmer for longer, but also helps with the drying process as the drying fleeces/coat draws the water from the doggie's fur.

Are Drying Coats any good?

Microfibre towelling lined dog drying coats are perfect not only for drying your dog but also for keeping them snug and warm for the trip home after Hydrotherapy. Use them in the house after a bath, or a cold walk, in the back of the car to keep dry and warm on the way home,

These are wonderfully versatile and useful items that are perfect for any doggie swim bag. The Microfibre towelling is faster drying and has much greater absorption properties than standard towelling so your dog dries in extra quick time.

No more messing about with bulky bath towels that your dog wriggles out of. No more chasing a wet dog around. No more cold, wet dogs shivering after their winter walk or after bath time. The coats are designed to fit snug on your dog allowing the microfibre to make direct contact with the fur and ensuring moisture is absorbed quickly.


The coats have a high-quality black microfibre towelling inner for drying and a fleece outer in a great choice of colours and designs. They will dry your dog much better than a standard towel and will keep your dog warm too. Simply put it on the dog and the towelling will absorb the water. The fleece provides extra warmth and a nicer look and feel to the coat.

We all know that you can towel dry your dog but it doesn’t get them really dry. These coats are perfect after a Hydrotherapy Swim

The microfibre towelling absorbs water from your wet dog and as the dog dries, their body heat then also dries the towelling, so more often than not when you remove the coat from the dog both the dog and coat are dry!

3 of the Best Drying Coats by Freckles Design

Lomond Dog Drying Coat. This drying coat is perfect for those wanting to use them for the first time. It has a classical shape with a hook and loop fastening at the neck and waist strap for quick removal. It can also be easily adjusted. The coat has a microfibre toweling inner and polar fleece outer layer, perfect for warming or drying dogs after exercise or dog sports. If you need to get your dog dry after a walk in the rain or a swim, this is also the coat for you.

It's also machine washable so if your dog decides to roll in some mud or fox poo while it's drying off, there's nothing to worry about there.

Tay Drying Coat

The Tay Dog Drying Coat is my mid-range drying coat and has the addition of a strap that fits between the dog's front legs and so dries the chest and front of the belly area. Use to warm and dry your dog after exercise or dog sports Great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim in the sea or after a bath. The drying coat fits snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly. Microfibre towelling inner and a polar fleece outer layer. The Tay Drying Coat slips over your dog's head, and the microfibre towel lined

Ness Drying Coat

The Ness Dog Drying Coat provides the greatest coverage from my drying coat styles. As well to an underbelly strap, it also has a microfibre-lined polo neck and a back shaping that encloses the rear of the dog for the ultimate coverage. Use to warm and dry your dog after exercise or dog sports Great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim

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