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These beautiful handmade in Yorkshire wheat warmers can give your dog many hours of relief from aches and pains and a wide variety of injuries and ailments.


Wheat bags come in a small and a large, perfect for any sized dog and are the perfect present for your dog or fellow dog owner this Christmas!


Warm wheat bags are a brilliant at-home helping hand if your dog struggles with stiffness, muscle spasms, pain and inflammation.


These wheat bags can also be frozen for an hour in a plastic bag for a cool compress, as well as microwaved for 1-2 minutes.


It will easily mold itself to any part of your dog's body, making it easier to target discomforted areas and provide a relaxing therapy you can do at home.


The 100% natural wheat grain-filled promotes relaxation and helps to create an overall sense of wellbeing and is a fantastic natural remedy.



Wheat Bags for Dogs

VAT Included
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