Terms and Conditions for 

Fit4dogsUK Ltd Hydrotherapy


Thank you for being part of Fit4dogs UK Ltd and we are very excited for you to be part of the Fit4dogs pack. These are the terms and conditions, the not so fun stuff, but to keep every thing running smoothly.. 








  • Dogs will not be treated without prior authorisation and completion of a referral form by their veterinary surgeon

  • While every effort is made to ensure a safe swimming environment for your animal, they are swam at the owners risk 

  • Fit 4 Dogs requires to see your dog’s vaccination certificate prior to the start of the dogs treatment. Dogs will not be treated without up to date vaccination records.  

  • Health Checks are carried out before each hydrotherapy treatment, If the Hydrotherapist thinks the dog is unwell, treatment will not commence. You will not be charged for this session.

  • Owners are required to notify fit4dogsuk if during the course of treatment, the dogs condition or injury worsens, or if the vet advises that the treatment is stopped or suspended.

  • Dogs with infections or contagious conditions, such as kennel cough, Parvo virus, ear, eye or skin infections, or suffering with any sickness or diarrhoea will not be swum. Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least 24 hours notice, until the condition is clear. 


Normal Cancellation conditions apply.


  • Bitches in season will not be able to swim. Normal Cancellation conditions apply.

  • Please ensure that your dog has not eaten three hours prior to/after your appointment 

  • Please ensure your dog has urinated and defecated before swimming. If your dog defecates in the pool, this will cause the pool to shut and all sessions cancelled for 24 hours for the pool to be cleaned. We reserve the right to charge a £25 fine for dogs that defecate in the pool or treadmill.

  • It is important that dogs are properly dried after hydrotherapy treatment to prevent illness, and to prevent muscles seizing up. Dogs will be dried after the session and we can use the grooming dryer. Owners should provide towels for use at the end of the treatment and we would strongly advise using a dog robe or coat for on the way home. 





Owners are responsible for payment of hydrotherapy sessions on booking of an appointment.


The Fees are currently 2018


Initial Consultation for rehabilitation                                                     £45.00


Aquatic Water Treadmill and Hydrotherapy pool session                  £30.00


Fun and Fitness Swims                                                                                £27.50


Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice where we will arrange another session for you. If it is less that 24 hours you will be charged at £20. 


If you are late for your session your dog may not be able to swim and you will be charged in full for the session.




Dogs are to be kept on a short lead at all times within in the Hydrotherapy Centre and Car park

Please remember to clean up after your dog, we have extra bags at reception.


Owners are not allowed to assist in the pool or treadmill, how you are welcome to provide encouragement and support from poolside. 


Please remember this is a pool environment and you should wear suitable clothing as the floor may be slippery and you may get slashed.


Fit4dogs reserves the right to refuse treatment to any dog.


Fit4dogs cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings in the hydrotherapy area.




Photographs and videos may be taken of your pet for our website or Facebook pages. If you do NOT want your dog’s pictures/videos to go on the website/social media pages Please tick the box.


____ I do NOT want my pets picture/video to go on the website/social media pages.



To be eligible, dogs must be over 4 months of age, fully vaccinated and with a signed vet referral. 


PET NAME:                 _______________________________________


CLIENT SIGNATURE. _______________________________________


CLIENT NAME            _______________________________________


DATE                           _______________________________________

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