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Generally, Dog Hydrotherapy rehabilitation in either our Hydrotherapy Pool or Aquatic Treadmill can be recommended by your veterinary practice and in most cases covered by your pet insurance. Fit4dogsuk Ltd works in conjunction with your vet to provide your dog with a program that will aid in their recovery after surgery or illness. They may also recommend that your dog loses weight prior to an operation and we can also work with your vet to provide a diet and exercise plan to get them in the right shape. We will always require your Vet to sign a Consent/referral form to state your dog is healthy enough for Canine Hydrotherapy.

Read more about what happens during a Hydrotherapy session below


Dog Hydrotherapy is beneficial for all dogs who are pre and post operative, suffering from fractures, hip dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) repair, amputation of a limb and also neurological disorders. Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for dogs who suffer from arthritis, as the warm water helps reduce joint swelling, as well as a number of other benefits.

 Our Hydrotherapy pool along with our Aquatic treadmill, gives us the option to carry out various treatments with each piece of equipment benefiting in different ways. This along with Physiotherapy and Laser treatment, gives your dog the best chance of recovery.


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Other benefits include:

  • Water increases circulation, ideal for skin and coat.

  • Water can increase lymph drainage, rid the body of toxins, and improve the immune system.

  • Water can encourage better digestion and can promote balance and coordination.

  • Hydrotherapy can also help dogs who need to shed a few pounds. A great form of low-impact exercise, regular walks on the underwater treadmill or swimming in a dog swimming pool can help promote weight loss and general fitness in dogs.

What Happens During a Session

Normally your dog would have had their initial assessment appointment at our centre or online via our Video consult option and we have a treatment plan in place.

We try to always give your dog a quick rinse in the shower prior to a session, as this helps us keep our water in tip-top condition, but if your dog is not happy or is showing signs of stress, we will not carry this out. 

They will then be introduced to either the Hydrotherapy pool or Aquatic Treadmill by your Hydrotherapist. If your dog is nervous, this can take some time, but at no stage is your dog ever put under any undue stress. Your Hydrotherapist is in the water at all times with your dog and is monitoring their behavior and looking for signs of stress.

You are in the treatment area with your dog at all times during the session, if you wish ( Currently Covid guidelines are in place ) and encouraging them with a treat or their favourite toy.

The overall length of the session is 30 to 40 minutes depending on your dog's condition and treatment plan, and your dog will have rest periods in between treatments. Your Hydrotherapist will be constantly monitoring their movements.

After the session, your dog will be showered and if you wish we can shampoo your dog for you also, as well as towel drying them.

Treatment notes are then written up for every session and these are used to keep us, your Veterinary practice or insurance company up to date on your dog's progress. Depending on the outcome of the session, your Hydrotherapist may make some changes to the treatment plan. 

Initial 1 Hour consultation including Hydrotherapy session £50.00

Clinical Hydrotherapy Single session £35.00

11 Session Block Booking £350.00

Please request a Call back service from a member of our Fit4dogsuk team or book an initial consultation here.

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