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 Dog Hydrotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to get your dog back in shape. From 100% non-weight-bearing in our Hydro Dog Swimming Pool to 70% non-weight bearing in the Aquatic Treadmill.

Whatever Hydrotherapy treatment your dog requires, Fit4dogsuk has the tools, skills, and expertise to nurse your dog back to health.

Fit4dogsuk hydrotherapist Kirsty in the Aquatic treadmill

What Conditions Will Hydrotherapy Treat

Your dog may be suffering from one of a number of conditions if you see a decrease in their activity levels,  reluctance, or finding it difficult to stand, run, jump or even climb the stairs. 

You may see them bunny hop when running or see them limping. You may notice some lameness or stiffness after a walk, or less enthusiastic to play, swollen joints or paws pointing outwards..

If your dog seems to be limping or walking in an unusual way, it may be a cause for concern.

After consulting with your Veterinary practice, Dog Hydrotherapy can help treat many of these conditions like:

Hip Dysplasia                    Elbow Dysplasia

Luxating Patella                Cruciate injuries

Intervertrable disc disease      


Spondylosis                      Anterior cruciate ligament

Cranial cruciate ligament  Degenerative myelothopy

What Treatments/Experience Do We Provide

Depending on your dog’s condition, their treatment will be carried out by one of our registered and experienced Hydrotherapist, in either our heated 6m x 3m Hydrotherapy pool or our state-of-the-art aquatic treadmill, which will be determined during your dog's initial consultation session.

During the sessions, your hydrotherapist is in constant contact with your dog, monitoring and assessing their movements at all times and it is important to us that both you and your dog enjoy the hydrotherapy experience, in a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment whilst easing your dog into an enjoyable routine that gains confidence and reduces anxiety.

We encourage you as owners to take part In the sessions.

Fit4dogsuk Fran in the Canine Swimming p

Wellness & Wellbeing

Often the trauma of surgery or serious injury can leave a dog depressed and feeling miserable. A positive mental outlook is an important part of a speedy recovery. Hydrotherapy is usually a very calming experience for dogs and it helps to reduce stress levels whilst stimulating metabolic functions.  Happy dogs are usually healthier dogs! Supportive movement for elderly patients within the Hydro Pool or AquaticTtreadmill can increase confidence and also improve mental wellbeing.

Insurance Claims

Hydrotherapy treatment may be classed as Complimentary therapy on your pet's insurance policy and we may be able to make a direct claim with them on your behalf.

Check with your policy provider.

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