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Even though you may feel you can not get to our center currently due to the Government restrictions, you may still like to discuss your pet's situation with one of our Fit4dogsuk team, chat with us via Video or phone, or we may even be able to help you with a custom home rehabilitation program. You may even just like to discuss how hydrotherapy would benefit your dog when we reopen.

During this situation we are all in at the moment, we wanted to let you know that we are still here to support our current clients as well as new clients as much as possible. We are trying to do this by adding some changes to our system to enable you to contact us about any canine-related issues you may have face to face via our video link. Hopefully, this can help us as much as possible to make sure your dog's recovery, health, and wellbeing needs are met.

If we are unable to see you at our clinic in person, we are also providing online consultations for new clients and custom home care programmes for our current clients.


These consultations are carried out via our scheduled video messaging service Zoom and are booked online.


To book a day and time to chat with a member of our team, please follow the links below.

What are Home Exercise Programmes?

Exercise programs are designed to promote general health and well being for your dog, and to aid in rehabilitation and development while you can not attend Hydrotherapy, One of our Fit4dogsuk Team will tailor exercises for your dog, you will receive a log in email to your program which has easy to follow videos and photos, help is always available by booking a free consult to talk about any needs you have.


Dog exercise is beneficial for both us and our dogs! Whether you are in the back garden in the lounge or on one of you 1 walks a day, the rewards of physical activity is endless.  Improved mental alertness, improved cardiovascular output, improved mobility and musculoskeletal health are just a few benefits you and your dog will reap.


We are trying to help keep your dog moving while you are not able to attend Hydrotherapy or physiotherapy.

What are the Benefits of Home exercise programmes?

There are a number of positive out comes from doing our Canine Home Exercise program.


  • Maintaining recovery while at home and not able to attend Hydrotherapy

  • Improve strength of muscles

  • Increasing muscle length of Muscles

  • Maintain flexibility

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness

  • Maintaining correct weight

  • Reducing pain

  • Reducing stiffness

  • Increasing Range of Movement in the joints

  • Improving overall fitness

  • Helping with balance and coordination

  • Increasing mobility.


For your dogs with arthritis:


The pain and loss of muscle mass and fitness resulting from osteoarthritis may make it hard for your dog to move around. Resting or limiting exercise may seem appropriate but in reality, it is the lack of exercise that can be most damaging, making your dog less flexible, with loss of muscle strength and increased joint pain and stiffness.


Reap the Benefits! Exercise has many unseen advantages, each of which can benefit your dog by increasing strength in the arthritic limb and decreasing stress placed on all joints. Exercise can also improve joint mobility and aid in weight management, resulting in increased stamina, which will afford you and your dog the ability to enjoy more quality time together.

What dogs will benefit from Fit4dogsuk Canine Home Exercise Program?

Our Specialist can design a programme for any dog and all dogs will benefit from one of our home care programs.


Some Conditions that will benefit


  • Osteoarthritis

  • Joint problems- including degenerative disease/arthritis, pain/injury/stiffness in joints eg. elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament rupture

  • Back, neck and pelvic pain- including intervertebral disc disease, lumbosacral stenosis

  • Age related joint stiffness and decreasing mobility/function

  • Muscle, tendon and ligament strain/tears

  • Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery or a fracture

  • Neurological conditions

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Difficulty with function eg. jumping, stairs

  • Reluctance to play or exercise

  • Weight or inactivity/obesity problems

  • Fitness dogs, Agility Fly ball dogs.

How will a Home Exercise Program Help My Dog?

Exercise can bring many Benefits due to the following reasons


  • Promotes the healing process and stay maintained while we can not attend Hydrotherapy

  • Increase blood supply delivered to muscles

  • Reduce pain

  • Decrease swelling

  • Promote well-being

  • Relax muscles



If you would like an individualized exercise program for your dog while the Canine hydrotherapy Centre is closed please get in touch with Fit4dogsuk

Book your Online Home Exercise Program for your dog Today

Initial Online Consultation

This is an online initial assessment via Video link, is to talk to you and gain a good understanding of you and your dog and the problems they have. You may be asked to show your dogs movement in the house to get more of an understanding of its movement and gait. We will also be asking questions to understand your dogs history and medical conditions.

We will then build an exercise program designed for your dog and their condition.

A Vet consent form will need to be completed before hydrotherapy and we can do this for you.

A Free 15 minute follow up appointment can then be booked so we can check how your dog is doing.


Cost:£35.00 and this includes a Voucher for a Hydrotherapy session to be used when we open back again.

Home Care Exercise Program

This Consult is for registered clients who need a Home exercise program and currently do not have a Hydrotherapy session booked for their dog.

During this 30 minute consult we will find out how your dog has been and if there is any changes that has happened since one of our Hydro therapists have seen your dog.

A Home Exercise Program will be created for your dog and then we book your 15 minute Home Care Exercise Program Follow up Consultation.


£35.00 and includes a Voucher for Hydrotherapy to be used when we open back again.

Home Care Exercise Programme Follow up.

If we have had to cancel your dog's Hydrotherapy session due to Covid 19, you should have been re scheduled and we will contact you again shortly to arrange a home care exercise plan for your dog if you need one.

 Please book a 15-minute online consultation or call us if you would like to chat to us about your dog, 

Postponed Client consultation – FREE

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