Fitness & Conditioning

Dog swimming does not have to be for rehabilitative purposes – it is a great tool to improve and maintain your pet’s health and Well-being. Within the safety of our 6 mtr x 3 mtr pool your dog can swim with toys and with our experienced canine Hydrotherapist in the swimming pool at all times, we’ll help them build confidence, increase fitness and provide mental stimulation without any impacting on their joints, which is great for Arthritic dogs.

Canine Hydrotherapy can provide great relief from stress and for those dogs that may not be as fit as they once used to be such as elder dogs, the non-weight-bearing properties of the water make it is easier on the joints and allows for a greater range of motion leading to an increase in muscle tone and general overall fitness.

These sessions are for dogs who are not suffering from Musculatorary conditions. If your dog does have a condition, visit our Rehabilitation page. 

Fitness & reconditioning

Initial 1st Session consult £50.00 (Includes Sessions)

Single session £ 30.00

11 Sessions - £300.00

Dog holding a frisby in the pool (2).png

Health benefits

  • Heated pool where the Hydrostatic properties of the water provide pain relief for animals with Arthritis.

  • Water-resistance increases Cardiovascular exercise and aids weight loss.

  • Stiff joints are eased and the range of motion improved with non-weight bearing exercise

Wellbeing Benefits

  • Swimming offers fantastic mental stimulation during the controlled dog Hydrotherapy session.

  • Dogs love to swim and we make their experience with us fun every time.

  • A happily worn-out dog is more likely to reap the restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Does Your Dog Lack Water Confidence

If your dog lacks water confidence, do not worry, our team of Highly Experienced & Certified Canine hydrotherapists will make sure that your dog is given the time it needs.

Your dog is never forced into the water, with only positive reinforcement techniques used at the Fit4dogs center. 

 With treats, toys, and patience, we will slowly build your dog's confidence until they are calm and we feel they are under no stress before introducing them to the water. 

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