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7 Christmas Gifts for your Dog

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

At Christmas time every pet should be involved in the family festivities. So here are 7 Christmas gifts from small businesses to treat your dog.

I am sure we all agree that there is no gift worth more than seeing your dog open their Christmas presents. I admit that my dog is the first to be scratched off my list, and the one whose presents I get most excited about. Dog’s are so grateful for each one they receive they even make a fuss over the wrapping paper to show you how happy they are - Little do they know that’s on the cat’s Christmas wishlist.

This year more than ever our dogs have been there for us through upset, financial strain, and heartache. And regardless of their lives also being disrupted, they have been ready to lift us up and show us love when we needed it most. So here they are, the 7 gifts perfect for spoiling your dog this Christmas - because they absolutely deserve it!


1. Pawsome Crafts

These snuffle matts, snuffle balls, and crochet stackers are handmade by the lovely ladies of Pawsome Crafts. They are perfect for enriching your dogs day by extending meal times, encouraging natural behaviours, and sparking cognitive thinking.

These products are perfect for all ages and an amazingly simple method of enrichment.

All products sold at Pawsome Crafts + Fit4dogsuk


2. Pawsome Paws Boutique

This company has the cutest pattern and colours all designed into dog products from jumpers, to leads, to harnesses. To make it even better they also sell products for owners too – One of their jumpers is on my list!

[Images from Pawsome Paws Boutique website]

The leads and harnesses are very popular as they are all very unique and matchable (I’m making that a word) to your dogs personality.


3. Bo’Bella’s Dog Grooming

At this time of year our dogs can take on a new look of mud, dirt, leave and twigs. If this sounds familiar why not treat them to a Christmas Pamper at Bo’Bella’s Dog Grooming. Bo'Bella's will give them a luxurious shampoo and condition, rid the dead or tangled hair, and give them a trim fit for any Christmas party.

[Images taken from Bo'Bella's Dog Grooming Website]

With a selection Christmas colognes to finish off the groom your dog will be feeling fresh and festive.

Book your dog's Christmas Pamper here.


4. Happy Hounds Dog Biscuits

These handmade biscuits are nutritional, free from additives and artificial preservatives, and delicious!

Happy Hounds have a unique selection of biscuits that offer different benefits, and especially for Christmas they have restocked the popular Turkey and Cranberry Christmas biscuits + Christmas cookies.

[Images taken from Happy Hounds Biscuits Website]

Available online at Happy Hounds Biscuits or in store at Fit4dogsuk.


5. Steph Yeo Photography

This gift is more for owners to admire their beautiful dogs, after all every owner thinks their dog is the cutest in the world including me. Steph is an award-winning photographer who focuses on equine and canine as her models. Each photo is beautifully shot and taken in a calm and natural way.

[Images from Instagram: @stephyeophotography]

For Christmas you can purchase a gift voucher making a perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!

For enquiries and gift vouchers click here.


6. Distinctive Pets

If you're wanting to treat yourself as well as your dog, or a fellow dog lover this company has everything you need. From luxurious dog robes and leads, to baubles and kitchenware, Distinctive Pets offer high quality products that make the perfect gift.

[Images taken from Distinctive Pets Website]

To make it better Distinctive Pets are Eco Conscious supplying eco-friendly toys that are durable and festive.

To spoil yourself and your dog, click here.


7. Fit4dogsuk Health Store

Here at Fit4dogs we have selected Natural tasty treats from our store and created a Christmas Stocking Filler selection. This stocking filler includes:

  • Trachea

  • Pig's ear

  • Pork roll

  • Puffed chicken feet x 2

  • Sausage x2

  • Sprat x5

These treats are air dried to keep their nutrition and provide a delicious experience to see your dog through the festive period.

Contact us to order your Stocking Filler or pop in store.


We hope you have an amazing build up to Christmas filled with festivities, outrageous wrapping, films, food, and cuddles from your pets to end this year unified and comforted by our family and friends.

Remember to #shopsmall and share that love with small businesses that have worked hard to make it through the year.

To shop our Health Store click here, or to find out more about Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, or Laser click here.

Merry Christmas!

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