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Fit4dogsUK Canine Hydrotherapy Centre Responds to Call

Updated: May 10, 2021

East Yorkshire Foodbank (EYFB), whose emergency deliveries have more than doubled since the start of the pandemic, put out an appeal for cat and dog food on social media after growing calls from pet-owners who are struggling to keep their animals fed. Kirsty and Mike Skeates owner's of Fit 4 Dogs in Beverley, acted on the appeal and contacted EYFB through Facebook. The team at Fit4dogsuk Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Beverly decided to donate and use their premises as a drop off point for the food so the food bank could arrange for the collection of a large donation of dog food for the charity at one time. Fit4Dogs collected and donated 70kg of dog food, which will help hundreds of dogs across the county, putting minds at rest for those who struggle to feed their dogs. Throughout the pandemic, it has become increasingly evident how pets have been the lifeline for many people to help keep a positive mindset and keep off depression. The charity took to social media to say: “We are requesting donations of dog food. A dog is family to many, and many will feed their dog before themselves. If you can pop a tin in one of the supermarket collections points, please. We give out pet food by request but our supplies have completely run out. In February alone, we helped 200 people per week”.

The demand for donated foods for people to eat continues, with the charity spokesperson saying: “Any tinned or dried foods are fabulous, we want people to work within their budgets for what they can donate”. EYFB started life as Holderness Foodbank in 2011, then based in Hornsea. In May 2016, it became a registered charity with a new name and a new Beverley base. It calculates that more than 27,600 people live below the poverty line in East Yorkshire. The charity provides three days' emergency food and support to local men, women and children in crisis, with its vision being that no one in the county has to go hungry. If you need help from East Yorkshire Foodbank, please call 07842 753 728. To make a donation please visit the foodbank’s main collection points are at Tesco Beverley, Tesco Hornsea, Morrisons Beverley, Asda Kingswood and the Promenades Shopping Centre, Bridlington, Fit4dogs Beverley or alternatively contact East Yorkshire Foodbank on Facebook or Twitter.


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