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Top 5 dog beds and how to improve your dog’s sleep

What to look for when buying the perfect bed for your dog and why it’s so important. 

Sleep is a time to rest, heal, and relax, so just like humans, it is super important to find the right bed for your dog especially when they reach an older age. Although, that being said it is just as important to provide a comforting and supporting sleep for puppies and young adults too. Here you will find out what qualities you should look for when buying a bed, why it matters, and which brands have been named to be our 'Top 5' using ratings from Amazon, our clients, and how many boxes they check from our list of qualities.

What to consider and why?

Water resistance

After walks or bathing our dogs can retreat to their bed to relax and prune themselves after a very fussy 5 minutes and towel dry. During this time dampness transfers from your dog deep into their bed which, especially when cold, can cause stiffness in your dog’s bones and joints as well as create skin irritations making for a really uncomfortable sleep. Not to mention ruining the quality of the beds' materials and creating a nasty smell… wet dog is enough for the nose to handle.

Elevation off the floor 

If your dog likes to be cooler they may choose to sleep on hard flooring to cool down which is really harsh on their joints leading to arthritis and after long periods of time cause calluses on their elbows. During cooler months our dog beds can cool rapidly if they’re too close to the floor which can also lead to arthritis and stiffen muscles, leading to injuries when waking from sleep or out during their walks. Buying a raised bed or one that has air channels within the filling allows air to flow through and regulate the beds' temperature, working well to regulate your dog's temperature in cold or hot weather conditions. 


Although some dogs like to curl up when they sleep it’s crucial that the bed size fits the size of your dog when laid out fully. We all know our furry friends can sleep endlessly, so during these long naps, it’s important that your dog is able to stretch to keep their muscles flexible, maintain range of motion, and in turn prevent weakness. Plus, it’s always nice to starfish every now and then.

Durability and quality

There are some dogs out there that love to scratch and wrestle in their bed, and why not, whatever they need to do to feel comfortable in their personal space the better. This is why a bed should be made from durable fabric that has the ability to follow a paw when scratched to avoid tears. The filling should also withstand the test of time so ensure the base is predominately a material that is less likely to bundle up. Spending more money on a bed at the start could save you spending more in the long run.

Age group

The perfect bed, offering support and comfort is not only there for older dogs but also our puppies and younger dogs too - not only does this aid growth and development but giving them the support at a younger age could prevent issues such as arthritis from developing in later life. However, there are some things that a puppy needs that an older dog might not have a preference to such as an extra-plush cover and filling for them to snuggle up and feel safely surrounded. Whereas our older dogs require a firmer bed for optimum support.

Sleeping style

It’s safe to say our dogs have some unusual sleeping positions and you will notice they favor certain ones. These positions should reflect in the shape of their bed, for example, if they like sleeping on their back a walled bed or more commonly known as bolster bed gives them the support to do so. If they like stretching out as far as their toes will reach a bed without or partial bolster would maybe be best. 


The filling is the most important quality. Offering the least amount of support after a few months of use, polyester stuffing will be less likely to have the durability needed to keep you from reaching into your pockets again and again. Bundling up, this stuffing creates a bumpy bed with some areas having no filling at all and therefore impacting your dog's joints. Some materials such as wool stuffing are said to be longer-lasting but the most durable filling seen so far is foam which also provides firmness for the all-important support required for every sleep.


As mentioned previously the cover is better to be waterproof or have a lining underneath that is. It’s also beneficial not only to your dog but to you if the cover is removable, to keep it fresh and give you the option to change it for another as and when it is needed instead of changing the entire bed and costing you further down the line.


The Top 5

These beds have been selected through a mixture of Amazon ratings, the reviews from our clients at Fit4dogsuk, the starting price, and what boxes they check from our must-have list.

In 5th place, we have Lupos Luxury Pillow and Crib Nest Bed - Starting at £25.00 (small size) this thick anti-allergy bed offers the comfort and snuggle factor perfect for puppies or anxious dogs. The changeable covers are an absolute bonus!

  • Choice of hypoallergenic fillings for allergy-free sleep.

  • Nesting experience.

  • Soft and sustainable wool filling which is durable.

  • Changeable covers.


In 4th place, we have KOPEKS Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow - This bed offers support as well as room to stretch out. At £49.99 (small size) this bed is one of the cheapest whilst ticking most boxes of our checklist. 

  • 100% memory foam.

  • Removable and washable outer cover and removable waterproof inner cover.

  • Thick Memory Foam including a pillow for support.

  • Withstands the test of time with therapeutic foam material similar to high-end mattresses.


In 3rd place, we have the Orvis Memory Foam Bed - At £169.00 for a small size this our most expensive bed on the list. However, the bed checks all our boxes and more with its hypoallergenic materials and sustainability, using plastic bottles in the design.

  • Microfibre quilted cover.

  • Thick open-cell Memory Foam cushion (3½ in).

  • The bolster is filled with springy 100% spun polyester.

  • Hypoallergenic, water-resistant liner, and 100% polyester cover is removable and washable.

  • The company has high sustainability.


In 2nd place, we have PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed - Starting at £49.95 (small size) this bed has the best ratings as ‘Amazon’s choice’ and best price for the quality and characteristics it offers. 

  • Removable cover that is machine washable and changeable covers.

  • Water-resistant and tear-resistant cover.

  • Non-skid bottom.

  • Premium Memory Foam base (10cm).

  • Base and bolster design for support.



In 1st place, we have the Orvis Airfoam Bed - This bed offers a property none of the others have - thermoregulating ventilation. With this, your pup will have a comfortable, restful sleep all year round. and at £89.99 (small size) the technology is worth the price.

  • Perforated foam creating two-way airflow channels promising thermoregulating ventilation.

  • Foam insert for immediate comfort and support.

  • Bolster design for support.

  • Removable cover and water-resistant liner included, both washable.

  • The company has high sustainability.


In short, a bed should offer a comforting refuge for your dog to relieve any stress or anxiety they may be experiencing throughout the day. It should also be thick enough to prevent stiffness, aches, and calluses which for puppies and young adults will aid their development, and for older dogs give them a sense of relief, improve circulation, support joints, and aid in healing. 


Visit our website and check out our blog for more topics on how to improve your dog's health, and learn about the benefits of Hydrotherapy. Alternatively, you can drop us an email for any inquiries

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