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Puppy Swimming with Water Pups

Some people mistakenly believe all dogs are natural swimmers. But while most dogs instinctively do a version of the dog paddle if they find themselves in water, that doesn’t mean they can swim – or even stay afloat.

Not every dog paddle is effective at keeping the animal afloat, and many dogs have no idea how to move toward shore or the side of the pool.

Fit4dogsuk has created a program for puppies under 12 months of age, that we feel will give the best results by giving your puppy the confidence they need in and around the water, as well as some great puppy training guides to help turn your puppy into a well-rounded dog for the future. 

Getting your dog used to the water at an early age should be a slow, gradual process and it is important that we take the time to make them comfortable and under no stress that could put them off the enjoyment of water for life. If your dog takes immediately to it, brilliant, but most dogs require at least a little coaxing and reassurance before they get comfortable and become good swimmers.

 Water Pups Programme

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5 Water Pup swimming sessions

FREE online Puppy Training Resources

Facebook Puppy Support Group

Certificate @ Badge

Discounted Puppy Massage Course

 5 Session package Price £150.00

Swimming Sessions

OnlinePuppy Training

Introducing your puppy to new sights sounds, smells & touch around the water. Introducing your puppy to:

  • Hydrotherapist

  • Pool Area

  • Harness/Lifejacket

  • Shower

  • Ramp

  • Water Toys

Get FREE access to our A.C.E. online Puppy training resources in the comfort of your own home with some great Training Videos and guides.

  • Basic Training Exercises 

  • 11 Page Handbook              

  • Common Problems

  • First years

  • Puppy Needs

Support Group

Discounted Massage Course

Join our Facebook puppy support group and chat with other like-minded puppy owners and share your experiences and photos.

 Get helpful advice from industry professionals like Dog trainers, Dog walkers, Behaviourists to name a few, as well as of course, your Fit4dogs team. 

Why not take the opportunity to learn more about massage techniques, from Physiotherapist Donna Wilson in her great online massage course for puppies. Discounted price especially for Fit4dogs Water Pups.

20 % Discount - Normally £19.99 


Course completion certificate & Badge

Water confidence & swimming

The Swim Pups program is all about teaching your puppy, new and exciting experiences whilst they are in the early stages of development. From around 12 weeks of age, they have generally had their vaccinations and are ready to start and explore their new exciting world.

At fit4dogs, we have teamed up with Animal Centered Education (A.C.E.), to provide new puppy owners with the opportunity to not only build their dogs confidence in and around the water in our Hydrotherapy center but also give YOU the chance to learn from home, some great puppy training skills.

 During your sessions at our Dog Hydrotherapy center in Beverley, your highly qualified and experienced Hydrotherapist will slowly build your puppies confidence in a calm and safe environment by introducing them to new experiences like the sound and smell of the water, a harness/lifejacket, show them the shower and ramp to the pool and when they are ready and at their own pace, guide them into the pool with of course a bounty of treats and toys. The Hydrotherapist is in contact with your dog at all times and you are of course poolside encouraging them every step of the way, so they are in safe hands.

 Each week you will see their confidence grow and their swimming technique improves until finally swimming on their own.

Early Stages Of Development for your puppy are super important and can have a long lasting negative affect on them if they are not exercised correctly and in moderation whilst their young bones and joints are growing.

 Low impact exercise in a controlled swimming environment with a professional Hydrotherapist can lead to a better quality of life in their later years.

 Why not take a look at our great Blog on Puppy Growth which can give you a great insight in the puppies may encounter during their growth process

Home Puppy Training

In association with Animal Centered Education ( A.C.E. ), we have available, for all puppy owners who sign up to our 5-week program, a set of great online videos & PDF's, to help you start your puppy training program. From dog chewing to recall, you will learn some great techniques to help you, teach your dog, the behavior they need to help them be the best pup possible. 

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