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Pet Insurance Claims

Let us take the hassle of your dog's Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation or Management treatment costs with a Direct Claim via your pet insurance

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At Fit4dogsuk Ltd, we recognize the costs involved in the Rehabilitation and management of your dog's treatment can be daunting.

 But did you know that your dog may be covered via their pet insurance policy under Complementary Therapy Treatments, which include Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Cold Laser, and Biomagnetic Therapy and may not cost you anythingso please check your policy.

How Can We Help?

As we have direct contact with many pet insurance providers, we may be able to make a direct claim on your behalf, meaning all of your dog's treatment may be claimed back without the need for you to pay the costs upfront.

If your pet insurance provider does not allow for direct claims, we can help you through your claim process to make it as smooth and quick as possible, so you get your fees refunded to you as fast as possible.

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If you are unsure if your dog's treatment is covered by Insurance, would like to claim your dog's treatment under insurance or want to find out more about how we can help you through the process, CONTACT US TODAY

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