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Fit4dogsuk Helping as Covid-19 pandemic fuels pet obesity.

Helping pet owners during the Pandemic

Fit4dogsuk is currently helping dog owners in the East Yorkshire area during the Pandemic, with the weight loss challenge for their canine companions.

As we have all been forced to change our habits during Covid 19, this has also had an effect on our dog’s. Their eating habits, activity levels and weight have all changed and this can quickly affect their quality of life.

A lot of our Furry Companions have been gaining weight during the pandemic, one reason being we are home more and have been giving them more treats.

A new survey from Hills Pet Nutrition, in partnership with Kelton Global, has identified that as overweight pets and pet obesity has been on the rise for years, Covid-19 has intensified this issue.

“According to Veterinarians, More than 71% of pet professionals say the pandemic has impacted the way pets eat”

“With more than half (53%) of pet parents saying they've been giving their pets treats for no reason. Now with the holiday season in full swing, it's likely going to get worse before it gets better, with nearly 64% of pet parents admitting they spoil their dog or cat during the holidays.”

Currently one of the Fit4dogs clients is Bo, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, who has been attending Rehabilitation and weight loss at Fit4dogsuk during the Pandemic after having Bilateral Cruciate Disease surgery at Peel Veterinary practice in Beverley.

Like all Golden Retrievers, she loves her food and has been getting a lot of extra treats during this period and with the help of the team at Fit4dogsuk and her owners, she lost 2.5 kg in 3 weeks and is on track to reach her target weight.

Swimming in the purpose-built Hydro pool for dogs and the Aquatic Treadmill is proven to help dogs lose those extra kilograms and strengthen muscles. Swimming in the warm water, as well as being a non-weight bearing exercise, is especially good for dogs with joint problems or injuries and because of the increased resistance from the water, can burn more calories than a walk in the Park.

Kirsty the lead hydrotherapist says “ we are so pleased with Bo’s progress and can’t wait to see further improvement and also help more dogs on their weight loss journey in January and coming months”

“Veterinarians admit that giving treats in moderation is not an issue, with 56% advising that the occasional treat is fine, however, 91% recommend giving fewer table scraps,”

It is not easy to help a pet to lose weight, as the same principles apply to humans - less treats and more exercise.

The Team at Fit4dogsuk Canine hydrotherapy Centre, along with their Vet partners are helping out dogs in the New Year with their weight loss program. This includes weekly weigh in’s, an exercise in the canine Hydro pool or Aquatic Treadmill and support from our Team of Qualified Canine hydrotherapists, Vet Nurses and Nutritionist.

"Hill's Pet Nutrition is committed to ending pet obesity, so all pets can live long, healthy lives with their beloved families," said Dr. Marina Debernardi, DVM PhD, Global Chief Professional Veterinary at Hill's Pet Nutrition. "We hope these new insights will help pet parents think differently about how they can express their love to their pets and spark conversations with their veterinarians. A simple step is to start with better nutrition and becoming more aware of your feeding habits and the impact it can have on your pet's life.”

Regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet are key to the overall health and the well being of our pets. Hydrotherapy is an amazing form of exercise that can play a very important role in weight control and improving their fitness levels, along with helping them with a better quality of life

The Team at Fit4dogsuk are committed to supporting pet owners in 2021 and as January is National Weight Loss Awareness month, we are helping owners kick start the New Year to eat better, exercise more and maintain a healthier lifestyle for their pets.

If you would like further information on our weight loss challenge or find out more about how other Fit4dogsuk services can help your dog

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