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Dog Arthritis
(Degenerative Joint Disease)

Dogs with Arthritis are very common and a condition that if untreated, can cause unnecessary pain and suffering for your pet. But don't be afraid, there are some simple steps that you can take to give your dog the quality of life they deserve.

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So what is Canine Arthritis?

Arthritis or DJD, is an inflammation of the joints and is a common problem for many dogs, not only in your dogs senior years, but also younger dogs, causing pain, discomfort and stiffness. In dogs with arthritis, the cartilage within a joint (hip, elbow etc.) starts to change or becomes damaged, making it less smooth and causing the bones to rub together. This rubbing may be uncomfortable or painful and can cause further damage to the cartilage. As a direct result of this increased friction, new bone forms around the joint, making it stiffer and more difficult to move (known as a degenerative joint disease).

What Causes Canine Arthritis?

Arthritis is more commonly a problem in older dogs, but this condition can develop from an early age due to problems with bone and joint development, which is why it is crucial to make sure you do not over-exercise your puppy.  Depending on the cause, arthritis may affect one joint or any number of your dog's joints. Most cases develop as a result of abnormal rubbing within the joint caused by:

  • joint instability (e.g. after ligament damage)

  • damage to or abnormal cartilage development

  • damage caused by trauma (e.g. fractures)

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What are the signs my dog has Arthritis?

You may notice that your dog is reluctant to do things that previously were not a problem for them. ... Like.

  • Reluctance to exercise 

  • Lameness or stiffness (especially after long periods of rest)

  • Worsening signs when cold or damp

  • Licking at joint (signs of saliva staining)

  • Your dog appearing slower than usual

  • Your dog being grumpy

  • Doesn't want to climb the stairs anymore

  • Muscle wastage

How Long Can A  Dog Live With Arthritis

Arthritis can affect both young and senior dogs and the length of time a dog can live with arthritis is largely determined by the quality of care it receives.

To help you can take measures that can help extend the life of an arthritic dog; weight and diet management, lifestyle and comfort, exercise, and supplements.

At Fit4dogs we advise initially you should always consult a veterinarian before proceeding to exercise these measures since some of them will need an experienced person and we do ask for consent from your vet before treating any dog.  

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How To help A Dog With Arthritis At Home & Our Centre ?

  • Pain relief. This is the most important and can be in the form of many different treatments and medications.

  • Weight loss (Weight reduction programme)

  • Exercise modification

  • Home environment adaptations

  • Diet and supplements

  • Complementary treatments, such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Pulse Magnetic Therapy, Cold Laser, acupuncture, chiropractic,and others

So how can Fit4dogs help?

At our state of the art Canine Rehabilitation centre in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, we have everything your dog needs to provide an Arthritis management programme, which may include, regular Hydrotherapy sessions, Cold Laser Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Bio magnetic therapy.

With our range of dog joint supplements, advice on joint support and our experienced team, we have everything your dog needs to live a full life.

Make sure you don't let your dog suffer unnecessarily and contact us today for help and advice if you think your dog may have signs and symptoms of Arthritis.

11 Session Block
Bio Magnetic Included

Individual Hydrotherapy Sessions

Or Why Not

What Our Clients Say

Liz Leake

The staff at Fit4Dogs are friendly and knowledgeable. My dog has been going for over a year to manage arthritis, after being diagnosed with it just before his third birthday. A combination of hydrotherapy, and exercises provided by the Fit4dogs team have kept my dog pain free. Excellent place, would highly recommend, and my dog loves going there!

Michelle Savage

My two labradors absolutely love coming here- we were Initially recommended as my 9 year old black lab is getting a bit bad with his joints from Arthritis, since he’s been coming he’s lost weight and is more active and has a new lease of life!  - brilliant place that me and my pooches can’t recommend enough!

Steph Yeo

We took our Beagle for her first ever swim following an arthritis diagnosis. The whole team are fantastic, putting us and our dog at ease, explaining everything and being very calm and patient with our dog. We are looking forward to our future sessions with this knowledgable, friendly and welcoming place

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