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Canine Physiotherapy

Veterinary physiotherapy can benefit all types of pets. Let's try and answer some common questions:

  • Will physiotherapy help my dog

  • What are the benefits of physiotherapy for dogs

  • What kind of physiotherapy exercises will be used

  • If my pet is insured, is it possible to claim for the cost of physiotherapy

  • I think my pet might benefit from physiotherapy – so what next

Our physiotherapists provide specialist treatments for dogs that help in reducing pain, increase the range of movement in limbs and joints and lessening the impact or effects of certain injuries, aiding in their recovery or improving their quality of life.

Physiotherapy treatment can improve the wellbeing of a wide variety of dog breeds suffering from all kinds of health issues – from neurological conditions to soft tissue damage. 

Will Physiotherapy help my dog

Animal physiotherapy is a scientifically approved practice, which means that the techniques used by our Highly qualified therapist have been proven to work.

 Your dog may benefit from physiotherapy if it:

  • Has recently undergone surgery on a damaged limb or joint

  • Suffers from conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia among many others.

  • Is experiencing spinal problems

  • Struggles with rage related educed mobility

  • Experiences muscle spasms, muscle tightness or has muscle knots

  • Has damaged nerves or ligaments

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy for dogs.

Physiotherapy may help to reduce physical discomfort your dog may be feeling, but it may also help to prevent more serious health problems later in life. If your dog suffers for example from arthritis in one joint, the other joints may experience wear due to overcompensating.

Our physiotherapist can help to treat the initial problem, improving the dog’s long-term quality of life. 

Physiotherapy can also assist your dogs recovery from surgery or injury and can slow down the progression of long-term conditions too.

The team working at Fit4dogsuk are all highly qualified professionals with qualifications in animal physiotherapy, Cold Laser and PEMT treatments. 

What Physiotherapy exercises will be used

There are a number exercises used during a typical Physiotherapy session, but the range of treatments and exercises used and programmes developed will be specifically tailored to suit your dogs needs. 

At our Rehabilitation Centre, our veterinary staff use a range of techniques, including massage, Cold Laser Therapy,  underwater treadmill sessions, ultrasound and Pulse Electromagnetic treatments, .

We’ll also work with your pet on a range of physical movements that will improve their joint flexibility and general physical health.

Will my pet insurance cover the cost

Most Rehabilitation treatments carried out at Fit4dogsuk are covered by the majority of pet insurance companies. However, it is definitely advisable to check with your provider before taking any action, as types of cover may vary between insurance companies. See our Direct claim terms & Conditions

My dog will benefit from Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, what should I do 

To arrange an appointment with our Canine Physiotherapist at our Beverley centre, simply send us a message here, briefly describing your animal and its condition, or call a member of our team on 01482 888509.

 If you would like to visit our Rehabilitation centre at anytime prior to making an appointment, we can also arrange this for you.

Our aim is for your dog to live a long, happy life that is free from pain and discomfort, by providing your dog with the best possible treatment and rehabilitation services.

1 Hour Physiotherapy session £55.00

A Physiotherapy session may be included as part of your dogs Hydrotherapy treatment plan, so chat to a member of our team if you would like to include this in your package and also claimable under your pet insurance policy.

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