Dog Physiotherapy

The aim of Canine Physiotherapy is to stimulate the dog's body and initiate a natural healing process, reduce pain, restore mobility and function. Dog Physiotherapy can also be used for performance enhancement in athletic and working animals. If your pet has had surgery, an injury, or a disease, physiotherapy can be a key part of the rehabilitation process, which includes Laer and Heat Therapy.

Veterinary physiotherapist carrying out canine physio treatment on Kia the dog

Just like humans dogs can suffer with a variety of conditions, illnesses or injuries at times within their lives which can affect their mobility, movement, muscle strength and function. These can include acute injuries such as fractures or soft tissue injuries which require a period of rehabilitation or conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis which may require longer term management.

Dogs can also suffer from neurological conditions and spinal injuries which can affect balance, coordination and in severe cases complete loss of mobility. In each case, when working in conjunction with your vet, physiotherapy can assist with maintaining or improving your dog’s level of function and quality of life.

Physiotherapy treatment may benefit your dog

if it suffers from any of the following:

  • Hip/elbow dysplasia

  • Joint problems- including degenerative disease/arthritis, pain/injury/stiffness in joints eg. elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament rupture

  • Spinal stiffness/soreness or intervertebral disc disease

  • Back, neck and pelvic pain- including intervertebral disc disease, lumbosacral stenosis

  • Age related joint stiffness and decreasing mobility/function

  • Muscle, tendon and ligament strain/tears

  • Lameness

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery or a fracture

  • Neurological conditions

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Difficulty with function eg. jumping, stairs

  • Reluctance to play or exercise

  • Trauma and soft tissue injuries to tendon, ligament and muscle

  • Weight or inactivity/obesity problems

Vetrinary Physiotherpist carrying out physio treatment on Millie the dog

1 Hour Physiotherapy session £55.00

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